Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Question: Can you save my facility money?

    ASA services reduce staff work hours required to prepare for meetings and inspections as well as the time required to attend meetings. Our online training modules can be viewed via home computers, smartphones, and other internet compatible devices. As a result, staff training meetings will no longer be necessary, reducing time and cost associated with training meetings. You may request a detailed cost analysis that indicates the average cost savings.

  • Question: How much work do I need to do as my facility’s compliance manager?

    Minimal work and time will be required. Our staff will assist you in the enrollment process. Once enrolled, you will be alerted for action items.

  • Question: Will your staff be available to assist my facility with an urgent problem?

    Absolutely, our dedicated staff will be available to assist your facility at any time with any problem, including hours compatible with all time zones.

  • Question: Will my staff be able to log onto your website to update credentials?

    Yes, our website and data are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Question: When policies and regulations change, will you be able to keep us updated?

    Yes. We will keep your facility informed of any changes implemented by your accrediting organization and/or CMS and provide the policies and procedures necessary to keep you current. Your facility will be current and compliant even during a surprise inspection.

  • Question: Do you guarantee I will pass my inspection?

    No. We cannot guarantee accreditation. If you follow our procedures, we assure that you will be prepared for inspection. We will correct any written standards that we provide if they are found to be inadequate.

  • Question: Will the information that we provide ASA be secure and protected?

    All information transmitted between ASA and its client facilities is password protected, encrypted, and completely secure.

  • Question: Will ASA services be relevant before and after my inspection?

    Yes. Although inspections are scheduled every three years, compliance is an ongoing procedure that must be adhered to.

  • Question: Can you help with interpretation and understanding of policies and procedures?

    Yes. Our friendly, helpful staff is available with any questions you may have regarding policies, procedures and compliance issues. We have trained physician inspectors accessible at all times to aid in these questions.